Do you feel like clubbin’? (SZS 246)

by Umin

I wonder how many centimeters of blanket are left for each of them.

As we are on our quest to catch up with SZS up to its current release status, we’ve already come pretty far and can now bring you a chapter that’s been released only a short while ago.
In this new chapter of SZS, the school principal makes club-activities compulsory whenever two or more people with similar interest gather, which makes the students of 2-F become pretty involved in club-life…?

Establish your Club

On other news, I wish everybody a pleasant Christmas Eve or what is left of it and hope you’ve all been nice and will get many presents from Santa Claus today or tomorrow (or have already got them).
In case you don’t celebrate Christmas, just have a nice weekend 😉

[Translation: Kasu/Typesetting: Oyashiro/Proofreading: Slyborg]

2 Comments to “Do you feel like clubbin’? (SZS 246)”

  1. Since I’m in Merica and stuff, I just want to say that I enjoyed this chapter very much.
    Especially the part with the wood grains.

  2. It looks like Chiri is seriously going for Kaere-chan’s position as official panchira girl.

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