Full of Christmas Chiri (SZS 206, 247)

by suimasenscans

A Miracle on Kicchiri Street

Hey, Merry Christmas everyone! I know Christmas may have ended for a lot of you, or may even be over at the moment, but I bring some (almost) belated presents on behalf of Suimasen Scans (and their corporate overlord, Santa Claus).

First up is chapter 206, last year’s Christmas themed episode. Majiru doubts the existence of Santa Claus, but Chiri doesn’t! In order to prevent Christmas from becoming a bloodbath, everyone puts on a stage play to reassure Chiri that Santa is, in fact, real. It’s kind of like the opposite of Miracle on 34th Street. Or something.

Chapter 206
[Translator: Kasu, Typesetter: Slyborg]

Chapter 247 is this year’s Christmas-themed episode. Probably because Sensei’s Christmas experiences have been generally shitty (see chapter 206), he’d rather think about something else. Unfortunately, this takes him into the realm of Bill 156, and ultimately jail.

Chapter 247
[Translator: Kasu, Typesetter: Oyashiro]

We hope you enjoy these chapters, and have a very merry Christmas (or day after).

(drowning in a white Christmas)

3 Comments to “Full of Christmas Chiri (SZS 206, 247)”

  1. Thank you!!! A new xmas chapter on xmas! ^_^

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