There’s a tpyo in here (SZS 187)

by Umin

Haven't seen that in a while

The year is slowly coming to its end and we  still have some older chapters in the tube. Unfortunately, I also did not reach my ultimate goal to catch up on SZS since I’m still 27 1/2 chapters short.
Let’s hope that either I’ll get them all translated in the first half of 2011 or Kodansha USA publiches new SZS volumes at the speed of light.

Anyway, here is a chapter from vol.19 that was also featured in the last episode of the Zan anime-series.

Inside this chapter, Sensei laments about people never noticing really big mistakes despite them detecting all the small ones.
But he too is no exception since there is something pretty big everybody hasn’t noticed yet…


Get your release (hopefully not too full of mistakes)

[Translation: Kasu; Typesetting: ♂♀; Proofreading: Slyborg]

2 Comments to “There’s a tpyo in here (SZS 187)”

  1. First off: Thanks for your releases.
    I like your “of crouse”-solution for Nami’s “morochin”. I prefer this over gg’s “off course”, because it sounds better (different) when spoken.

    Just a few notes:

    Ad chapter 170, page 11: Matchy’s surname is Kondô. Matchy – match? With this rendering of マッチ it’s easier to get the pun than with “Macchi”.
    Ad chapter 170, omake: Homage to the film “つみきのいえ” (Tsumiki no Ie) a.k.a. “La Maison en Petits Cubes”.
    Ad chapter 243, page 5: I don’t know anything about “Son-Goku” and “Journey to the West”, but panel 6 (also) refers to Chief Cabinet Secretary and successor of Minoru Yanagida (not “Yanagita”, see chapter 245, bonus page 1) as Minister of Justice, Yoshito Sengoku. He even shows a striking resemblance with the man Kumeta draw in this panel.
    Ad chapter 243, page 9: Abiru once (Zoku 08, around 14:00) stated she wears her bandages for gaining attention. This is a reason. Not a good one, but a reason nonetheless.
    Ad chapter 243, bonus page 1 & 2: Several times you’re writing “Sengoku incident”. I think you meant “Senkaku incident” and mixed it up with Sengoku-jidai or Son-Goku. Or was there an incident with Yoshito Sengoku, too? Please tell me, if I’m mistaken.
    Ad chapter 244, page 10, despair list: “[…] Golden” what? Maybe “ゴールデン洋画劇場” (Golden Yôga Gekijô)? Though, I don’t know if this is still on air. Well, every other show starting with the word “Golden” would make sense here (for those hating it). Just in case: Compare its opening at YouTube ( with SZS 1×02, around 13:15-13:55.
    Ad chapter 187, page 13: Island that is an animal: Used in the final episodes of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, for instance.
    Ad chapter 187, bonus page 1: With this line I act as if I haven’t noticed the “FiRst of the North Star”. 🙂 So this typo was your small mistake. I couldn’t find a big mistake. There was just mine: Sumimasen, katsukasu, for answering that late again! Have a look at:

  2. >>Ad chapter 187, page 13: Island that is an animal: Used in the final episodes of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, for instance.

    I’m not sure whether this makes sense in the context or not since I think Avatar was released later than this chapter – but I might be wrong. I’ll take a look at it!
    And to the other stuff I’ll turn for our wiki (or maybe you might want to help with that once we get it running. You may also want to drop by IRC.)

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