Good Things Come In Sets (SZS 207)

by slyborg

Best Wishes to all for a great 2011

Good day, and welcome – to 2011, and the third year that this sorry scanlation group has troubled the interwebs. As is usually the case, we’ve had our ups and downs, but we plan to keep on bringing you more Kumeta and the odd fightan mahou loli or lifeguard along the way. We hope everyone had a pleasant holiday, and has a terrific 2011!

Couple of summary tidbits for 2010:

Total Releases: 97 Blog Visits: 202,976 Release Bandwidth: >114 GB

Kasu and Oyashiro banged this chapter out in record time, it’s the New Year’s chapter for 2010. Please enjoy!

>> Get SZS 207 here <<

[Translator: Kasu Typesetter: Oyashiro Proofreader: slyborg]

(P.S A New Year’s Nostalgia Set from Oya: Kōji Kumeta c. 1993)

3 Comments to “Good Things Come In Sets (SZS 207)”

  1. Thanks for the chapter, best wishes for everyone in Suimasen from this sorry reader.
    Trollolol for Kumeta’s old pictures xD

  2. So why does Yu Yu Hakusho bring back unpleasant memories?

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