Summertime Blues (SZS 233, 234 & 235)

by suimasenscans

Yes, it’s winter, but I’ve been working on a backlog of old magazine chapters that haven’t been released in tankobon form yet. These come from August and September of last year, and with the exception of chapters 231 (currently a work in progress by GreenTea, and soon to be me) and 235 (which will only need a few quick corrections and will be appended onto this post in the morning), these will be the last magazine chapters remaining in our backlog.

Anyway, summer. It’s a season of ice cream, loafing and sweating, except for the working professional, in which case, it’s a season filled with even busier work than normal. Of course, in Sensei’s case, it’s working to appear like he’s working, a full job in itself. Can he follow his job obligations, or will his students get him to take a day off?

Chapter 233
[Translator: Kasu Typesetter: Oyashiro]

Summer, as I mentioned, also brings sweat, but due to a phenomenon called “radiative cooling”, its possible to find some comfort in the summer swelter. Interestingly enough, radiative cooling exists in sociology, too! Sensei and his students observe the phenomenon at work all over town.

Chapter 234

[Translator: Kasu Typesetter: Oyashiro]

Alas, all summer breaks come to an end. Class 2-F comes back to school on September 1st, which incidentally, is disaster prevention day. In order to avoid making a major mistake right after a disaster, Sensei brings in a game in which a mistake at the beginning could cause you to lose — Go. The situation spirals out of control as Kafuka brings in a version of the game that the girls in the class can relate to…

Chapter 235

[Translator: Kasu Typesetter: Oyashiro]

(P.S If someone could be a dear and get us SZS 248 from this week’s issue of Weekly Shonen, it’d be much appreciated.) Thanks!

3 Comments to “Summertime Blues (SZS 233, 234 & 235)”

  1. I don’t understand one of the comments from c234 – “during Katteni Kaizo’s run.” Who/what/where is Katteni Kaizo?

    I had no idea that Kenjiro Hata worked on SZS! But it explains why he drops a Hayate reference every couple of chapters…

    Oh and suimasen! Suimasen!

    • Katteni Kaizo is the series Kumeta had before SZS. We also have it as a project here, so you may want to read it.
      Hata also didn’t work on SZS, he left Studio Kumeta during Katteni Kaizo’s run and started Hayate. Maeda, who works for Kumeta, also works for Hata btw.

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