Night of the Living Herbs (SZS 248)

by suimasenscans

Once one gets locked into a serious herb collection, the tendency is to push it as far as one can.

Something’s gone horribly wrong with the soup Sensei’s eaten for the Festival of the Seven Herbs (January 7th), and now all he can see is herbs…and girls. Er…he sees herbs as girls and girls as herbs. It’s a little freaky, actually, but hilarious to watch unfold as Sensei’s case of, um, acid indigestion unfurls.

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Took a day off today, I think I’ve been typesetting on something every day since the 23rd. School’s also going to be starting back for me next week, so we’ll probably be heading back to our quiet state, so as not to bother anyone. Before then, I’ll try and get chapters 208 and 209 finished for your enjoyment.


5 Comments to “Night of the Living Herbs (SZS 248)”

  1. thanks! what exactly would be this quiet state you speak of?

  2. 4 chapters a month is quite viable actually.

    Also I wasn’t sure where to ask this but I couldn’t find chapters 35-80. Any particular reason for this? ( Or will I miss out anything from jumping the gap )

    • We’re not gonna TL the stuff that Del-Rey has already published, and we’ll probably start yanking down volumes when Kodansha gets to them. The translations they have are mostly passable, aside from a few glaring errors. Hopefully, we’ll get a wiki running this year, which will be an English version of Kumetan-wiki, which is Kasu’s source for a lot of the TL notes we have for our chapters.

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