Another side, another story.

by royalgreentea

Hey, GreenTea here. You probably don’t remember anymore, but I’m back from Canada.
Got a pretty good vacation, and now back in action. To celebrate the new year, slyborg kindly translated a doujin which I wanted to do for a really, reaaally long time now, which I now finished and released.

Where’s the doujin you ask?
Well because it contained uncensored %$/%§$%§, it’s too mature for Suimasen, so I moved it to the Another Side.

Here’s the creditpage:

Let this year be a good one.

-GreenTea [Sorry, mascot and waifu]

2 Comments to “Another side, another story.”

  1. Cute. Many thanx.

  2. Sorry for this comment.
    Sorry for downloading the doujin.
    Sorry for reading it.
    Sorry for…

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