Katteni Kaizo Announcement

by suimasenscans

A Katteni Kaizo anime has been green-lit. It will be animated by SHAFT, and the director will be Shinbo. No surprises there.

Don’t really have any news on when it will be airing, but I assume that it will be either Winter 2011 or Spring 2012. After the hellish experience of fansubbing Zan, it’s doubtful that we’ll do any fansubbing for this anime, although time will tell. (I’d say the chances of us doing anything are less than 10%)

However, with Kasu preparing to study abroad in Japan, and a script shortage appearing imminent, I will use this opportunity to once again plead for a translator for KK. I would like to TL as much of this series as humanly possible before it airs. If you’re interested, just pop by the IRC channel and talk to us. Prior experience is not necessary. Any little help goes a long way.


7 Comments to “Katteni Kaizo Announcement”

  1. >it’s doubtful that we’ll do any fansubbing for this anime

    *summons meki*

  2. I still don’t like the idea of this as an anime. I will most probably watch it out of mere obligation, but I doubt I will like it.

  3. If turned into something like the first or second season of SZS, I’ll watch it

    Is there anyone doing the second volume of Joshiraku? I’ve just bought it and found that it’s not quite… suitable for kids… even without understanding much of their talk…

    • I will translate it as soon as I have it myself. But to protect my academic records, I won’t do so before february.

  4. and you guys never believed me.

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