What’s Cooking? (FK 2wei 12)

by slyborg

Illya is olev

So, the long-anticipated episode of Cooking Idol Illya! aka Poundo Keiki Sensou is now ready for perusal. In this chapter, we learn that the Japanese put nutmeg in hamburger (wat) and that Frisk mints are popular in Japan, but not in cake. However, it is somewhat redeemed by the appearance of chibikko Illya, and some family values von Einzbern-style.

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[Translator: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg Proofread: Vega]

Coming up for 2wei is Epic Fightan Arc as the cards are once again up for grabs… in addition, there is now a September 2011 date for a 4th 2wei tankoubon volume, so looks like this series will continue through a 20th chapter at least. Could an anime be on the horizon…?

On the Suimasen home front, after a bit of a respite after our holiday onslaught, we have additional Joshiraku, Tokkyuu and yes, SZS in the hopper for release in the next week. As always, Please Wait Warmly!

2 Comments to “What’s Cooking? (FK 2wei 12)”

  1. I only can say this “Illya Avenger”

  2. nice releases like always, thank you ^^

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