Super Punch-Out (FK 2wei 13)

by slyborg

Kuro bids you a fond farewell

After the titanic nutmeg wars of the past couple of chapters, it’s back to what we’re all here for: Fightan Mahou Lolis. Hiroyama-sensei brings the house down in this one – punches and sofas are thrown, Illya and Kuro are fightan on the same team for once, and even August (briefly) gets awesome. We discover the identity of the mysterious visitor, but not her ultimate goal…

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[Translator: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg]

As you perhaps have noticed, the team has been very busy with school/work, so we’ll be in low gear here for a while; however, some new translators have appeared on the scene, and we will hopefully be showcasing new staff here soon! That said, we continue to look for more fans of our titles to help out, so please do contact us if you have an interest!

2 Comments to “Super Punch-Out (FK 2wei 13)”

  1. Congratz sly, I leave this project in good hands…now keep translating the loli

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