Discount Manga (SZS 250)

by slyborg

I suppose it's normal to feel that way...

Sensei points out that all of you who pay full price for products are performing a public service for those of us that lack the necessary wallet wherewithal to do so. So if you missed out on buying the SZS English editions at 20% off from Borders stores being closed due to their recent bankruptcy filing, don’t feel bad. However, if you went there and the only Maria+Holic volume they had was one you already have, you may rage freely.

>> Get SZS 250 here <<
[Translator: TypeR Typesetter: Oyashiro Proofreaders: Frozen/slyborg]

Suimasen would also like to take the opportunity to say Youkouso! to a new translator on SZS, TypeR. Somehow, TypeR manages to be full of despair in sunny Barbados, which will now be hosting the as yet unscheduled Suimasen Scans group retreat/drinking party/beach episode. Please look forward to it!

One Comment to “Discount Manga (SZS 250)”

  1. Sorry for not paying for this!! D:

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