A Miyu Is Fine, Too (FK 2wei 14)

by slyborg

Bazett demonstrates proper loli-punching form

It’s Illya’s turn to take on Bazett, and she does show a trick she had up Bazett’s sleeves, but in the end, things do not go according to keikaku. However, a wild Miyu suddenly appears! Will she have better luck than our other unlucky heroines?

>> Get 2wei 14 here <<
[Translator: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg]

Quick note on the end pages, they’re about latest FK Drama CD and accompanying supplement detailing more fun and games at the Anhenerbe Cafè. I translated the “preview” page because Illya is transforming in one panel and we haven’t had any bathing scenes lately ;_; but the last page is just a big ad for the CD and new (as of last October) Nanoha. Also >mfw Type-Moon uses the name of the Nazi organization that was devoted to trying to find proof that all of modern civilization can be traced back to the mighty Nordic/Aryan race for the name of their loli cafè :/

Finally, our raw hunter Hipek’s computer has been down for the count, and we are now down to one last chapter of 2wei, so anybody with Japanese Comp-Ace raws for chapters 16-> please let us know…

5 Comments to “A Miyu Is Fine, Too (FK 2wei 14)”

  1. Man, Bazett is BRUTAL.

  2. Wait… That last page… Does that mean that PRISMA☆ILLYA’s getting an adaptation?

    • Not yet 😉 It’s just a drama CD.

      I think there would be some difficulty doing an anime version of the series because of the whole “alternate universe” thing. Since it shares a lot of concepts and characters, it would be kind of confusing. I think a VN would happen first if anything further happens with the series.

  3. I don’t use IRC, but if you don’t mind email, I can provide the missing chapters if you still need them.

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