Commemorations (Two Years & Counting…)

by slyborg

Our best wishes to the people of Japan

It happens to be Suimasen’s 2nd full year as an official group (if you can say that), as well as more or less one full year on staff for me. However, this comes at a sad time given the disastrous Sendai earthquake and tsunami a couple of days ago. My Japanese sensei has a college friend that lived in one of the towns in Miyagi prefecture that was wiped off the map and she does not know of her fate. Beyond that nation being the source of the manga and anime we love, there are many individual people there being affected by these events. I wanted to take the opportunity to suggest that if any of our readers would like to offer us a birthday present, to do so by making a donation to relief funds being setup around the world. Here are just a couple:

American Red Cross
International Committee of the Red Cross/Red Crescent

Thanks to all of our readers for your comments and suggestions over the past year, and look forward to more scanlations in the coming year…don’t forget to buy the licensed works where available! Also, always need moar volunteers, drop us a note, or drop by IRC, as always. As we are a small group and now almost entirely heavily engaged in college/uni work, production here is going to be slow during the school year, so even if you think you might only be available for one chapter a month, come on down…

One Comment to “Commemorations (Two Years & Counting…)”

  1. Congrats for your 2nd year anniversary.

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