More Pointless Releases (SZS 185/SZS 186)

by slyborg

Chiri ni Todoke

That would have worked better with Kiri, ne, but we have to take what we can get. This of course also goes for our devoted fans here at Suimasen, both of whom are no doubt in despair at the lack of SZS releases in the last month. But be of good cheer, as Oyashiro has been working diligently on more chapters! As is his wont, it’s a double feature, with two chapters from Vol. 19 here. These contain Abiru-service, the inevitable Tanabata-service, and Moar Penguin-service. (I forsee Kumeta’s next move into kodomo-manga with a series featuring Uropen.)

>> Get SZS 185 here <<
>> Get SZS 186 here <<
[Translator: •••• Typesetter: Oyashiro Proofread: slyborg/Frozen]

We have recently acquired a usable set of raws for Vol. 18, so we’ll be heading back to that volume next; we also have the final chapter of Vol. 17 in the hopper pending some QC fixes, so more SZS is on the way.

6 Comments to “More Pointless Releases (SZS 185/SZS 186)”

  1. Thanks for these insignificant scans.

  2. From me to you: thanks for this chapters. I needed my SZS dose D:

  3. I wish I were a bird

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