Bum Rush Da Foolz! (SZS 175)

by slyborg

Rope those Wiki contributors in

Time for my quarterly SZS typeset :/ We’re going to do some binary search on Volume 18, and we’ll begin of course by splitting the difference with Chapter 175, “Unendable Truth”. As we get into the last part of the school semester in the US, we definitely can relate to the notion of the last-minute rush, which is our theme in this chapter. Along the way, Abiru does her Wilhelmina Carmel impression, Matoi trolls Sensei like a boss, and Meru-chan becomes taller…

>> Get SZS 175 here <<
>> Find TL Notes here <<
[Translator: •••• Typesetter: slyborg Proofreader: Oyashiro]

You will note that we have decided to dispense with distributing the TL Notes with the chapter pages, in favor of directing people to the SZS Wiki we are building. This is primarily because writing these up is generally roughly proportional to the actual typeset work and I’ll be damned if I’m going to do it twice <_< However, this has other benefits, including more awareness of the Wiki, the separation of our original content from the scanlation, and the ability to have others that don’t have typesetting skills or interest to help out with this background information. Finally, to be frank, given the relative limited distribution we get, I’ve never been that sure that anybody reads the damn things anyway. Tell me differently.

Tonikaku, if you have an interest in perhaps helping us with writing up TL Notes from previous chapters and/or working with new chapters, please drop us a line/comment and we’ll add you as a contributor to the Wiki (and thanks to those already helping out!) We only use simple Wiki markup and you can literally learn it in five minutes if you don’t know anything about it. We might close the applications at any time, so get ahead of the last-minute stampede…

4 Comments to “Bum Rush Da Foolz! (SZS 175)”

  1. I have to say that I liked the TL Note included in the chapter.

  2. I also enjoyed reading the translator’s notes after every chapter. I think they’re vital!

  3. hmmm… really i dont think that the tl notes need to be typeset all nicely… i’d be fine with a screengrab of the wiki to be honest.

    the part where i’m having to go to a wiki and looking everything up rather than just being able to scroll quickly back and forth through a chapter with its notes… it just feels tedious.

    im assuming theres no interest in just expanding the canvas size with a hefty bottom margin, and dropping tl notes for each page onto that? seems like it’d be the most work.

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