All Work and No (Card) Games Pt. 1 (Katteni Kaizo 46)

by suimasenscans

Umi disapproves of my wasted time

We’ll kick off a short trilogy of trading card-based chapters by the world’s most depressed mangaka with this entry from the early days of Katteni Kaizo.

Have you ever been frustrated when your favorite trading card franchise was sold out at your nearest retailer? What if someone came in and bought them up right in front of you? Those people are known as “Overspenders”, and if left unchecked, can destroy the culture of all but the largest cities. Unfortunately, an Overspender has found his way into Torauma City and nearby Shigarami, and it’s up to the Special Department Club and a detective from Kaizo’s past to solve the mystery before all the card shops in town are sucked dry.

>> Read the thrilling story here <<

[Translator: [classified information] // Typesetter: Oyashiro // Proofreader: Slyborg]

It’s been December since we last lavished some attention on Katteni Kaizo, and with the departure of Kasu-sensei, we’re currently without a TL for the series (although our beloved Hika-sensei has returned, and may pinch hit for a couple of chapters). We’ve got scripts up to chapter 49, and once those are out, the series will be on hiatus here. If you’re interested in TLing for this (or any series but Aki Sora, for that matter), contact us through email or IRC.


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