Hey! Listen!

by royalgreentea

All future Aki-Sora (and NSFW) releases are going to be on my sub-blog: http://sunsetchaps.wordpress.com/

Now get in there (there’s candy on the other side!) and leave a comment there instead of here!
GreenTea out. And yeah Woxxy, DAT CAT is going to be next.

sly edit: Looks like the Tokyo manga ban has claimed Aki Sora.

5 Comments to “Hey! Listen!”

  1. There go the pageviews…. :p

  2. thanks for the release. It seems like it is hard to find raws for Aki Sora. I haven’t had much luck

  3. Does this ban even matter? I mean isn’t Aki Sora’s serialization complete? (at least according to baka updates)

    • Matters in terms of tankoubon sales, for which the magazine serialization is essentially an advert. Means that the publisher and mangaka lose a significant portion of the revenue from the title. And it matters in terms of the fact that it means no more wincest for you outside of 18+ hentai, which typically don’t run to dozens of chapters, have a story, etc.

  4. I meant doesn’t matter in terms of suimasenscans scanlation for just this project.

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