Driving Range (SZS 169 + Vol. 17 batch)

by slyborg

Even Chiri can't complain about Harumi's form

At long last, we complete Vol. 17! Our very busy with design school typesetter Masada-chan has found some time to complete edits on this chapter, and it’s a good one. The joseitachi all look sorority-ready in their golf wear, but had to give Harumi some love on the front page here. This chapter is notable in that it was animated in two episodes of Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, with the first part in Episode 9, and the second in Episode 10. Please give it a swing!

>> Get SZS 169 here <<
[Translator: •••• Typesetter: Masada-chan Proof: slyborg]

In other news, we’ve got another chapter in the wings here from Vol. 19, and I am diligently working on the next chapter of 2wei, expect it in the next week. Please wait warmly!

Oh, look – >> Get Volume 17 batch here <<.

2 Comments to “Driving Range (SZS 169 + Vol. 17 batch)”

  1. That image is very Freudian…
    The Green is a womb with the two sand traps (I assume that’s what the white circles are) being ovaries.

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