May Flowers Are Blue (Joshi 10)

by slyborg


More Joshiraku? More Joshiraku! Our nakama hika came by and whipped up some translations for Joshi and we hate to see them go to waste. This particular chapter is also timely in that it discusses the “May Blues”; please see TL Notes for the details on the Japanese version of this. Here in the Upper Midwest, the May Blues have to do with the icy chill which continues to grip the region here until the immediate conversion to hot and humid that occurs on June 1 <_< We hope everyone else is having a nice Spring, though…

>> Get Joshi 10 here <<
>> Get TL Notes here <<
[Translator: hika Typesetter: Masada-chan Proof/TLC: slyborg]

Also, moar victims volunteers where? More proofreaders definitely needed, and I could use a cleaner on 2wei…don’t be shy, we are cute and cuddly, just like Charlotte…

3 Comments to “May Flowers Are Blue (Joshi 10)”

  1. Elsewhere along the Mississippi Valley, the “May Blues” are what you get when you go outside and find yourself under water.

  2. I want moar Joshiraku as I am desperately in love with Kukuru.

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