All Fun and No Card Games (Pts 2 and 3)

by suimasenscans

Well, we’re back after an extremely long period of inactivity, all the more shocking considering that the term is over for a good deal of us. I’ve had these chapters finished for a while but for various reasons, haven’t gotten around to posting them. すいません。

These two chapters finish the trilogy of card game based chapters that started some while back with a chapter of Katteni Kaizo. Oddly enough, both chapters (which are of the despairing variety, both content-wise and TS-wise), also involve the graduation of the third years, which despite nearly 7 years of serialization, class 2-F is not.

In the first chapter, 174, Sensei and the class play a peculiar variety of ye olde maid, in which the stigma of poetically inappropriate terms will be attached to the loser of the game.

In the second chapter, 256, Sensei finds that he has become a summons, which will be used to duel with other summons. However, he finds himself outwitted at almost every turn, but can Matoi help provide him (or his offspring, for that matter) a path to victory?

>Get Chapter 174 here!<

>Get Chapter 256 here!<

There will be more, as soon as I find out where it is.


2 Comments to “All Fun and No Card Games (Pts 2 and 3)”

  1. >There will be more, as soon as I find out where it is.

    • Oh, I was referring to the fact that we’d finished the special chapters that had come out a few weeks ago, but I have no idea if GT’s finished the SZS special or if he’s uploaded it or not.

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