Overlapping (SZS 188)

by suimasenscans

I'm in despair! High intensity typesetting has left me in despair!

For this chapter, there was a lot of cleaning. I was in despair.
For this chapter, there was a lot of typesetting. I was in despair.
For this chapter, there were a lot of TL notes to put on the wiki. I was in despair.

In a couple months’ time, I will probably see that this chapter has 250 downloads, remember that Aki Sora will get that in about 30 minutes, and wonder to myself, “Does anyone really even read this?”. I will probably be in despair then, too.



(P.S: I've got a couple weeks left here, and then I'm completely out until August. In the meantime, we still need warm bodies typesetters to man our projects. If you’ve got some spare time, just parachute into IRC. We also need a typesetter for Tokyuu, as it seems our regular typesetter Ketsuban has discovered the joy of college projects.)

(P.P.S: Also, bulan, if you’re reading this, sly wants you to up the .psd files for 184.)

(P.P.P.S: I did some house cleaning, and all the series should be up to date with the latest releases on the projects page.)

(P.P.P.P.S: I just felt like writing something here.)

7 Comments to “Overlapping (SZS 188)”

  1. I read it!

    Thank you for the release!

  2. I read it tool! And I’m exceptionally grateful for all the hard work you put into these releases.

  3. Only approx 250 downloads for an SZS chapter? Is that for real?

    Now that leaves me in Despair.
    I always imagined from comments on Fark, AnimeSuki, Reddit and /a/ that SZS was widely read. Wow, maybe the emos are right and people in general are just a bunch of faggots. I mean Aki Sora’s alright and everything… but compared to SZS… I mean… well… only 250, huh?… Dammit!

    • I think the fanbase for the anime is considerably larger thanks to SHAFT, but yeah, 250-300 is what we tend to see total for Kumeta stuff. Aki is about 10 times that number typically, and Fate/kaleid, which is a fairly obscure spinoff of the franchise, about half that of Aki. I presume that the total numbers are higher if you factor in people that prefer to view on the online reader sites, but that would apply across the board. Basically, reading Kumeta involves some mental effort, and if you look at the typical shounen demographic, its oriented towards fairly straightforward entertainment. Frankly, if SZS ran in the US in serialization, it would be in something like the New Yorker, probably…

  4. Hi Oya; I’m almost done with 184 and will try to post it tonight. Things have been nuts at my end but I’d not giving up on this.

  5. I don’t read yet because I can’t find older chapters so I’m reading the official releases as they come out. They’re only to chapter 60-70 right now. A lot of people I talk to aren’t even aware there is a manga half the time, and those that are share my frustration that there’s huge gaps in chapters to be found on the web, so they don’t bother.

  6. Being one of those 250-300 readers I’m a bit surprised it’s only that many people. I’d expect far more people to download it. I think there would be more if there weren’t a lot of gaps in the releases just like jayjay said. Probably a lot of folks out there who’d rather wait until the gaps are filled and released as complete vols? It would be interesting to see the number of downloads of chapters and entire volumes to compare.

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