Quick Staff Notes

by slyborg

What is that blinding yellow orb?

Few quick updates on staffing to welcome some newcomers:

bulanTypesetter: made his debut with SZS 184. He’s been about for a bit, but this his is first release for us.
KimmyKatProofreader: has already been at work on SZS and Tokkyuu, and another title I will mention in a moment.
qashqaiTypesetter: a volunteer from /a/ who answered the call on typesetting this mysterious title below.
UminTranslator: a new translator for us who is even moar better than our dear departed Kasu. Umin has taken an interest in Root Paradise, and so we will be resuming that book, HELLYEAH MOAR ROOTP \o/

So, enough teasing, Umin also has taken an interest in the manga Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san! which is currently getting an anime adaptation courtesy of Production I.G. and we will release Ch. 1 any moment now. We’re not sure how much interest there may be, and we’re also not sure of qashqai’s ongoing availability, so requesting readers and typesetters! Actually, also requesting translators, since Umin will be off to Kyoto for a year in September to study Japanese there…

Also, GT is planning on taking the next six weeks off to chill, meaning Aki Sora is unlikely to be completed before the end of the world next year. C’est le guerre, c’est la vie.

On the subban front, just wanted to thank Reimu from [Reimu] for his help once again, he’s been diligently re-encoding our Ep 1 release to match Ep 2 on the KK OVA, please see the Ep 1 post for links, etc. We’re currently planning on continuing the next BD volume, which will be Ep. 3 and Ep. 4 but beyond that with Umin in Japan, we’ll just have to see.

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