All false accusations! (Iigakari nee-san)

by Umin

How about you?

Today, we would like to present you with something special. After we already had Toku ni maketemo kamawanai, a Kumeta one-shot that had been published around the start of Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei, we now have another one for you.
This one’s called Iigakari nee-san and is about a big sister who falsely accuses anyone and everyone of anything and everything. And who happens to know a LOT about knives.

>>Get this one-shot HERE<<
[Translation: Umin; Typesetting: Umin; Proofreading: KimmyKat, slyborg]

6 Comments to “All false accusations! (Iigakari nee-san)”

  1. So… which sister knows more? This one, or Kitsu? 😉

  2. Err…. Chiri.

  3. Sooo Kumeta… I love this warped kind of humor.

  4. Loved it 😀

    By the way I noticed her name is “Natori Umi”, o.o

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