Do it like Napoleon (Root Paradise Ch.5)

by Umin

First of all, a notice I feel I have to write:
This comic may be inappropriate for some people. It contains hints at sexual actions, talk about sexual actions and naked bodies and should therefore be seen as R-rated. At least, don’t let your mom find out you’re reading this.

Thank you so much for being perverted and stupid, Haruhei!

OK. It’s back. Root Paradise is back. It received so much love from all of you that we decided to bring this project back to life. I might actually finish translating this before I flee leave to Japan to become a Ninja bring my grorious Moonspeak to the level of perfection.

This chapter of Root Paradise starts where Chapter 4 left off. It involves certain actions with tissues and that kind of (to be?) parents-in-law you either totally love or totally hate.

Want to know what I’m talking about?
>>Get the chapter here<<
[Translator: Umin, Typesetting: wutz, Proofreading/QC: slyborg]

2 Comments to “Do it like Napoleon (Root Paradise Ch.5)”

  1. Thanks so much for picking this project back up again; I look forward to seeing more releases in the future!

  2. Yeah Thanks!

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