All in the Tupperware (Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san Chapter 2)

by Umin

What might his sophisticated meal be?

Oh hai everyone.

I have the very great pleasure to tell you that I am holding a new chapter of our very well-received “Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san” in my (in this case virtual) hands at this very moment. This chapter is indeed very sophisticated, hence I have chosen a wording appropriate to this.

Oh, you are asking what it is about?

Well, just let me humbly tell you that today’s story involves very refined meals (although they might seem not so refined since they are placed within a box of plastic manufactured by “Tupperware”)  and a wonderful young member of the underworld’s nobility.

On the other hand, it also involves this wonderful young gentleman’s great power which causes living beings to perform a certain natural act.

Get the wonderful tale
[Translation: Umin; Typesetting: qashqai; Proofreading: ariel, slyborg]

11 Comments to “All in the Tupperware (Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san Chapter 2)”

  1. i love you guys

  2. Oh my… What a splendid opening to this magnificent story. *coughsohardtospeakinthistonecough*

    Anyway, great work translating and uploading. I have fun reading this chapter. But really, you should warn our precious readers not to read this while having meals XD

  3. I’ve been eagerly waiting for a new chapter!
    Thank you so much~

  4. One of my favorite mangas. 🙂

    Tyvm for release.

  5. One of my favorite mangas.

    tyvm for releasing. 🙂

  6. splendid, splendid. SPLENDID.

  7. Awesome :3 I’ve been curious about checking the manga out after seeing the anime. Thanks for the releases 😀

  8. AHH! When will you release chapter three ?! This one was really good, thanks a lot. It a good thing somebody fiannly pick up this series. Thanks again!

  9. thank you! that was awesome!!!
    hope to see more releases soon! XD

  10. That was hilarious

  11. Thank you for the release. Loved it.
    I’m waiting for the next chapter!

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