Trolled By Trollcat! (Tonnura 6 + Omake)

by slyborg

We know exactly how Tonnura-san feels...maybe not....

Moar trollcat, courtesy our joint with the bros at FoOlRulez, chapter 6 has Tonnura expanding his harem to include an entire elementary school class…can anything slow this cat down? This chapter concludes the first tankoubon volume, and there is an additional omake for the volume. Check it all out here:

>> Get Trolled By the Japanese Garfield <<
[Translator: formerly Typesetter: GreenTea Proofreaders: Toshi, DKW, Wokka]

Appropriately enough, Tonnura 6 also happens to be our 200th release here at Suimasen Scans…! I recall hitting 100 back in August of last year, and was a little surprised that we were at 200 already. No promises on 300, but as always, please wait warmly!

4 Comments to “Trolled By Trollcat! (Tonnura 6 + Omake)”

  1. Where is the dl link?

  2. Oh God, japanese Garfield… creativity FTW
    Thanks for the release and for trolling us 200 times!!

  3. @Bulanbek thanx. Found it. Congrats for your 200th release.

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