The year 2011, seventh month, from the Sky will come a great… Carrier Man (KK 48)

by Umin

Somewhat long time no see, but we managed to release another chapter of Katte ni Kaizou after lots and lots of half-body bathing, hell yeah!

This time, Kaizou’s old Genius Cram School folks are aiming at him – much to Kaizou’s delight actually.

In other news, we are expecting the second Katte ni Kaizou OVA to reach us soon – although there is a certain still not really confirmed rumor that its release has been postponed to August 10.
So please stay tuned, you may get to see some sub around here.

By the way, even though I shall soon take my leave for Japan, there still are around 20 scripts for KK chapters in the pipe or to reach the pipe soon, so please expect some of them to come. Must. Keep. These. Guys. Busy.

Get your personal carrier man
(Translation: Kasu; Typeset: Masada-chan; Proofread: bulan)
(PS: Notes for the chapter available here)

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