Original Recipe (SZS 173)

by slyborg

All hail the typesetter

Back to v18 for some classic SZS -_-. We discover that it’s not always easy to identify the original progenitor of something, and that this can lead to all kinds of confusion…

>> Get SZS 173 here <<
>> Find TL Notes here <<
[Translator: Umin Typesetter: ka-os Proofreader: slyborg]

This chapter also marks the debut of another typesetter here at Suimasen, please bow down to ka-os, who I tricked with this chapter after tricking him into doing some major redraw on a 2wei color spread you will be seeing at some point. This chapter was ungodly for backgrounds, and he did a great job on them. Hopefully we can trick him into doing some more SZS for us….

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