June Showers Bring Despairing Flowers (SZS 265)

by suimasenscans

Well, hello everyone. This will be my first release since I’ve gotten back from the wilderness, and it seems that I’ll be ending a short drought of releases. Oddly enough, this chapter involves rain, and lots of it. This rain is actually the result of an abnormal concentration of Rain Women (or ame onna), not to be confused Dustin Hoffman’s significant others), whose very presence can bring about a downpour.

Nami claims to be one of these Rain Women, but since it’s monsoon season, it’s a rather difficult matter to prove. As Class 2F attempts to separate cause from effect, they run into the old “There are roughly X things to do” Department, trying to set in motion yet another harebrained scheme. (Unsurprisingly, Class 2F seems to be involved in more of these schemes than other classes of their age.)

>>Read the chapter here<>TL Notes Here<<

Next time, we've got a little something special planned.


One Comment to “June Showers Bring Despairing Flowers (SZS 265)”

  1. Knk 03 and 04, plz.

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