Don’t ask the neighbors (Kumeta oneshot)

by Umin

Well... is it?

Yeah I know, O-Bon’s over already so we’re actually a bit late – but I hope you can forgive us.

We’re digging and digging – deep into the graveyards of old Kumeta oneshots. After we already had presented you with chicks inheriting soccer clubs and sisters throwing around false accusations, we can now give you this piece of Kumeta, called  “A Brooding, Gloomy Property”  (or for original fags: Yûryôbukken Chûkaishimasu), which was republished in vol. 13 of the new KK reprints and is even older than KK – ancient stuff from 1996.

Our story deals with a young and poor student moving to Tokyo, looking for an apartment that doesn’t cost a fortune. And what he finds….

Well, get that
[Translation: Umin; Typesetting: Oyashiro; Proofreading: slyborg, Ariel]
(Don’t believe the credits, I did so translate this, I swear!)

2 Comments to “Don’t ask the neighbors (Kumeta oneshot)”

  1. Thanls!! Story was crude and spooky.

  2. Definitely a spooky story. Many thanx.

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