It’s raining… (SZS 264)

by royalgreentea


Yo, GreenTea here.

Most people forgot about me already, since I update so unfrequently.
Today I bring a chapter that should be out long ago (like usual lately >.>),
because RL needed me and been busy etc.

>>Download here<<
[TS: GreenTea TL: Umin Proof: Sly]
>>TL-notes here<<

The credit page’s artwork is made by Fraggot, an /a/ drawfag. Thanks, bro.
(And sorry for being so late with this :/)
Check his site out for the original version(s) of the pic, and other cool stuff at:

-GreenTea (now with -sensei suffix)

EDIT: We’re starting to upload our releases on foolslide, so you can read them online more easily:

Try it out, it’s pretty awesome for us and you.

3 Comments to “It’s raining… (SZS 264)”

  1. I downloaded it because of Kaga.

  2. Awesome!
    Good read, Ai is so moe.

    Thanks to the Suimasen scanlation team for their hard work.

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