Trials of Patience (KK OVA Ep. 3)

by slyborg

It’s not her inquisitive spirit you have to fear…

So…yeah. Translator had this done like 3 weeks ago, and then :stuff: happened. Mostly related to the fact that finding staff for anything that doesn’t have giant robots, cute girls, or tits is pretty difficult in the fansubban biz. Yes, both SZS and KK have all three, but they also have irony, which destroys its appeal for 90% of the slave labor pool available for this industry. Anyway, I have now been forced to learn how to use the programs beginning with ‘A’, so lo, Katte ni Kaizō OVA 3. Umin has also seen fit to provide German subtitles, so we will be supplying a DE track with these henceforth, and you even get chapters now. What decadence!

Just the 720p to start, if we get a clean encode off BD raws in the next week or so we’ll re-release this along with a 1080p otherwise I’ll mux with the best available. OVA 4 is translated and in the queue, should also be out within the week.

720p: [Elesa-Suimasen] Katte ni Kaizou – 03 (1280×720 BD AAC) [].mkv – (Torrent) (DDL)
1080p: [Elesa-Suimasen] Katte ni Kaizou – 03 (1920×1080 BD FLAC).mkv (DDL)

AniDB Info

This episode contains material from KK chapters 55, 76, and 66 – at some point when I’m not exhausted, we’ll have TL notes up on the Wiki.

Staff Credits
Umin – Translation  – Still lovely and talented, and soon to be leaving us ;_;
slyborg – :Stuff:  – Now hates both programs beginning with ‘A’ and fansubbers with the blazing hate of a thousand suns
thewebchat – Timer – Fell for our old “MAKE MONEY FAST” recruitment scam

(Not that anyone asked, but the Elesa part of our name now stands for Extremely Lazy and Eccentric Subtitle Anarchists.)

10 Comments to “Trials of Patience (KK OVA Ep. 3)”

  1. Are you implying that Kumeta stuff is for hipsters?

  2. Kumeta stuff is for the criminally insane.

    Also, there is a weird bug in WordPress rendering things in tags with nested square brackets, which should still be valid HTML. Fear its deletionist spirit!

  3. The font is so weird. I like the one used in the first two episode.

    • They changed them together with the whole style. This is the style the manga had around er “midtime” (I think it starts somewhere around chapter 80 and he keeps drawing like that until chapter 180 or so). Next OVA (episodes 5 and 6) we’ll probably see the style from around the end of Katte ni Kaizô, which looks a lot like SZS looked in the beginning.

  4. If you take a look at this screenshot you’ll see that the font size is bigger then the one used before and doesn’t have the shadow that’s behind the words.

  5. Who cares about fonts… the ova is out! Thanks for translating it, I’m waiting anxiously for the next one!

  6. Thanks for subbing, I was worried for a while that you guys just dropped it.

    When can we expect to get ova 4? I’m really excited for what Suzu planned for the Giri-Giri’s. 😀

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