Tanzaku Turbulence and Economic Mayhem (SZS 266 & 268)

by suimasenscans

For more normal people, summer is also the season of ice cream.

Well, as the summer slowly fades into autumn, heralding the onset of winter and seasonal affective disorder, some may wish to look back on brighter, happier times. Fortunately, through the power of backlogs, we have just the releases for you!

Due to a horrible accident involving some tanzaku and a middle-schooler’s history class notepad, Tanabata becomes a holiday to reminisce about the past. Will modern Japanese society be able to survive it?

>> Get Chapter 266 here <<

>> TL Notes <<

For others, especially here in the good old American Midwest, work can be a pleasure. As such, it’s only natural to spread the work around while you take a break. Sensei takes a few pages from Tom Sawyer to get out of some summer jobs, leading for Kafuka to posit an interesting new economic system. Can Class 2-F make it work?

>> Get Chapter 268 here <<

>> TL Notes <<

I’ve got a few more chapters that will be ready for release within the week, I think. I’d also like to recruit a raw detexter, as that increases the rate at which I can typeset stuff considerably.


6 Comments to “Tanzaku Turbulence and Economic Mayhem (SZS 266 & 268)”

  1. Kumeta should have mosaic-ed that thing…

  2. thanks guys for this double release!!

  3. ch.268 : I think I have read it in one of Doraemon story where you receive money when buying something. Here the quote from google. “Nobita has wished for a world where money was not necessary, and purchasing an item meant receiving cash, and being robbed meant being forced to take cash, causing store clerks to force cash onto his hands upon attempting to purchase toys.”

    • Thanks for that information. I probably didn’t read that on Kumetan (maybe it’s supposed to be common knowledge or something) and I usually don’t watch Doraemon (though I have to say it turned interesting when I read who currently voices Jaian *cough*)

  4. Yeah. I have some kind of liking for Kimura Subaru. Just wait for the day I’ll start watching Dorama and listening to HipHop ôO

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