Homecoming King (SZS 269)

by suimasenscans

My vote for homecoming queen

Going home. A good time to catch up with old friends and family. A time to reminisce. With the summer holidays, Nozomu heads back to his hometown (class 2-F unsurprisingly in tow), only to be left in despair by people who haven’t kept up with him since elementary school. To save Sensei the embarrassment of reliving his past, Kafuka brings up an old Bertrand Russell science troll to save the day.

>> Get Chapter 269 here <<

[Translator: Kasu, Typesetter: Oyashiro Proofreaders: slyborg and ariel]

>>  TL Notes here <<<

Shortly to come will be a two-part story in which Sensei learns some interesting family history…


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