Don’t laugh (SZS 267)

by Umin

This time, mere text shall speak for itself

There. You read it. It’s banned. It’s BANNED.
Don’t lol. Don’t laugh. Be serious.
Don’t you even lift up the corners of your mouth when looking and this.

> There you go <
[Translation: Umin; Cleaning: Oyashiro; Typesetting: Umin; Proofread: IO]
Remember not to laugh when reading this. Not a bit.

>Translator’s Notes<

4 Comments to “Don’t laugh (SZS 267)”

  1. I laughed the whole chapter and Ai-chan made my nutbladder burst . So, I´m screwed eitherway.

    Thanks for the great work.

  2. I first thought it said “LOLI is banned.” lol?
    Thanks for the chapter, guys!

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