The 36 Stratagems of Unauthorized Substitution (SZS 270 & 271)

by suimasenscans

The Napoleon of trolling

Ever been annoyed by a person claiming to represent you, but in reality, they don’t? Well, these are unauthorized substitutes, and along with slacktivists, the Itoshiki family is getting overwhelmed with dealing with them. As Nozomu attempts to get rid of a particular unauthorized substitution, he makes a very startling discovery about his family…

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[ Translator: Kasu; Typesetter: Oyashiro; Proofreader: IO]

> TL Notes <

Still reeling from the big reveal in chapter 270, Kafuka uses her prowess in military strategy to understand how the Itoshiki family has remained in its position for centuries. And understandably, once her knowledge in these matters (the military strategy, not the Itoshiki family) comes out, things begin to go horribly awry for Nozomu and the girls of class 2-F.

> Get Chapter 271 here! <

[ Translator: Kasu; Typesetter: Oyashiro; Proofreader: IO]

> TL Notes <

Woah, it’s the closest thing to a storyline that SZS has ever had ! Also, we’d like to welcome our newest proofreader, IO, to the gang!

Don’t know what’s going on after this. Probably a couple more chapters of SZS (we’re only a couple weeks behind serialization again \o/) or KK. Sly is busy at work in the esoteric realms of Aegissub, so maybe KK OVA 4 will be on the front page of this blog in short order.


PS: Was considering posting the lyrics of Ruth White’s “The Irremediable” with random words linked to chapter downloads and TL notes, but that would probably be pushing it too far for a joke about unauthorized substitutions. I can show some restraint, after all!

3 Comments to “The 36 Stratagems of Unauthorized Substitution (SZS 270 & 271)”

  1. Thank you for all this work, I truly admire what you have managed to make~ ganbare, etc!

  2. Haven’t read 270 and 271 yet, but thanks in advance. Also thanks for all the other SZS chapters you uploaded since the last time I commented here.
    Ever thought of subbing the two one-hour SZS episodes, “Sayonara Zetsubô-sensei Jo – Zetsubô Shôjo Senshû” and “Sayonara Zetsubô-sensei Jo – Zoku Zetsubô Shôjo Senshû”, since no one has subbed them so far (except for a.f.k.’s 25 min version)?

    • It’s always a possibility, but I’d say it’s probably a pretty remote one at the moment. Umin’s leaving in a couple days, but even if we had a TL willing to work on it, I don’t know if we could get the other players necessary for proper subbing in place. I’m not great at the arcane arts of subbing, and I don’t think slyborg is going to be willing to take on another project for a while after this one.

      As awesome as it would be if we did it, the odds of it happening are remote.

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