An Unconventional Approach (KK OVA Ep. 4)

by slyborg

Moar like Death Note, amirite

OK, 2nd try at this after WordPress ate a half-hour of work. I can’t even begin to express the amazing level of fail and aggravation that went into every moment of subbing this episode. Creating fansubs is basically the equivalent of taking the cast of Lord of the Flies, handing out plutonium and having them build a nuclear reactor, only with less fun and more vomiting. But the high pay and unending fame and adulation from the fans make it all worthwhile.

So, this episode has epic Chitan in full trainfaniac mode, moar epic Suzu trollan, and the appearance of a sort of HHNNNG dat fang character from Osaka. In any event, this concludes Vol. 2 of the KK OVAs. As for Vol. 3 expect truly epic delays if I have to TL it as well, so someone capture a wild translator for us before November…

1080p versions in a couple of days when I get them uploaded.

720p: [Elesa-Suimasen] Katte ni Kaizou – 04 (1280×720 BD AAC).mkv – (Torrent) (DDL)
1080p: [Elesa-Suimasen] Katte ni Kaizou – 04 (1920×1080 BD FLAC).mkv (DDL)

AniDB Info

This episode contains material from KK chapter 66, chapter 84, and chapter 35.

Staff Credits
Umin – Translation  – Off to Kyoto, and with our best wishes!
slyborg – :Stuff:  – Slowest typesetter in the world in both subban and scanlatan :/
thewebchat – Timer – Yeah, so the encode was off by 200 ms, SHAFT was too busy to insert keyframes for all scene changes, and I ended up splitting half the lines. But I did use the actor list :/

11 Comments to “An Unconventional Approach (KK OVA Ep. 4)”

  1. I take it the DDL isn’t uploaded yet? or was the link messed up accidentally.

  2. No, it is – looks like has decided to redirect all Filesonic links. I’ll have to point a redirector at it, please stand by.

  3. Wow, thanks for translating this!

  4. @slyborg: Fateful words…

  5. LMAO re your comments on fansubbing. Well, I for one really appreciate all the hard work you do, so thanks.

  6. I’m not sure how and if, but I may try to tl 5 and 6. That is if I find a store here that has the DVD or am able to get to Nipponbashi on time. *cough*

  7. Hey guys, just letting you know the DDL for the 1080p version is down. Is their a possibility of it being re-uploaded or a torrent being made for it?

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