Sayonara, Umin-sensei (and some Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei)

by suimasenscans

I figure it’s appropriate to start off this post by giving a sendoff for Umin, our more or less reliable translator who’s really been the heart of Suimasen for the last year (or more, my memory’s already going at the ripe age of 21). She’s off to the glorious realm of 日本 so that she can be enlightened by the Japanese educational system. I’d really like to thank her for the amount of work she’s poured into the group, and I don’t think we’d be anywhere near where we are today without her. I may have misinterpreted her at some point, but I think she said she’d continue to TL SZS until it ends (something that seems very near on the horizon), so we may yet see a little of Umin, but as of today, she’s entered (at least partial) retirement. Thank you, Umin!

When Chie-sensei is involved, you *know* something's up.

Now for a release or two.

Clothes make the man, they say. People have an uncanny knack of slipping into a role by acting the part. As it turns out, class 2-F is no different, and once they start having a pajama party, things can only go downhill…

> Get SZS 272 Here <

[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: Oyashiro; Proofreader: IO]

> TL Notes<

There’s a reason for everything. That’s what people always say, but sometimes, there really is no reason behind it. Just ask Chiri-chan. Or better yet, don’t. You’re probably safer that way. At any rate, class 2-F makes an attempt at finding the method behind the madness, but all they discover is more madness…

> Get SZS 273 Here <

[Translator: Umin; Cleaner: hipek; Typesetter: Umin; Proofreader: wutz]

> TL Notes <

I guess that’s all for now, and if new scripts aren’t forthcoming for a while, we’ve always got a giant backlog to typeset and old mag scans to replace.


PS: A typesetter would be totally cool, you know.

2 Comments to “Sayonara, Umin-sensei (and some Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei)”

  1. I’m not going to say さよなら to Umin, I’m going to leave it as またね!Good luck in Kyoto, have fun saying あかん!and putting -へん on everything 😀

  2. Late I know, but thanks for all your hard work and best of luck, Umin. Also SZS is nearing it’s end? I’m in despair!

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