2 Minutes for High Sticking

by slyborg

No, we’re not resuming Southern Ice (TL where). In case anyone was wondering where the hell the blog was yesterday, we got sent to the penalty box for posting a link to a redirector service, which apparently instantly activates WordPress.com’s trap card :/ However, they responded pretty much immediately to our mea culpa, and we also discovered that there are many bros in the scanlatan community – Woxxy from FoOlzrulez, who already hosts our reader, immediately leapt into action and provided us with alternate hosting, which we may actually be making a permanent move to once we sort out domain issues.

tl;dr nothing to see here, move along…

(The KK04 DDL will need to be moved to a hosting service that does not attract Predator drones from WP.com, so probably a day or so to sort that, suimasen…)

One Comment to “2 Minutes for High Sticking”

  1. Note to self: Direct Downloads make WordPress unhappy.

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