Good Samaritans (SZS 274)

by suimasenscans


This week, Sensei decides that he can’t take the pressure of being the homeroom teacher of class 3-F. At least until his brother informs him that it’s dereliction of duty. Anxious to portray himself in a positive light, he the whole thing as the lead-in for a discussion of morals. Class 3-F’s failure to find a homeroom teacher in the interim is due to the fact that Japan doesn’t have a principle of a good samaritan, and things just spin out of control from there.

>> Get SZS 274 Here <<

[Translation: Umin; Typesetter: Oyashiro; Proofreader: wutz]

>> TL Notes <<

There’s some Root P in the tubes somewhere, so you can choose to be hopeful that it’ll be released soon, or you can be in despair that it’ll get stuck in proofread hell like Azazel-san did.


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