The 90% Solution (SZS 275)

by suimasenscans

This picture will get 90% of the pageviews

Have you ever noticed that as something nears completion, your rate of progress slows down? Well, it’s a phenomenon well known to computer programmers (Japanese ones, at the very least), who call it the 90/90 law. The last 10% of your code will take just as long as the first 90%. As it turns out, class 2-F is not immune to this either, and it seems a few of them have some unfinished business that’s almost complete. Whether that’s a good thing or not, the jury’s still out. Or perhaps Kafuka could convince them to direct their energies elsewhere.

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[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: Oyashiro; Proofreaders: Slyborg and IO]

>> TL Notes <<

More SZS is in the works (assuming I don’t work myself to death first – quite likely), as is Root P and some Fate/Kaleid (assuming sly and wutz don’t work themselves to death either – unlikely)


P.S. SZS 180 will have some goodies with it.

4 Comments to “The 90% Solution (SZS 275)”

  1. Thanks a lot guys!

  2. It’s well known enough to have a Wikipedia article. Of course, your situation is probably a lot different from the situation described in the original quote, since, unless programmers, scanlators don’t have to deal with frantically searching for whatever’s causing whatever bugs or errors that they’re dealing with that’s setting back their release schedules.

  3. thanks

    btw, any status on kaizo volume 2 1080p?

  4. thank you for the SZS love 🙂

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