Sometimes A Kiss Is Just A Kiss (FK 2wei 17)

by slyborg

If you insist...

Kind of had some trouble getting any momentum behind this chapter, what with LOLFANSUBBAN and the Walls of TL;DR that seem to fill all of Hiroyama’s non-fightan arcs. This chapter has Kuro needing to top off the ol’ prana tank, and deciding to go straight to the best supplier. [To be perfectly honest I’m a little confused here, since I thought this whole problem had been resolved a few chapters ago (`_`) ] Minor sort of TL Note: on page 16, the whole business with the lilies is Hiroyama-sensei laying it on a bit thick…the lily, 百合 is read yuri in Japanese, which is also the manga slang term for “girls’ love” or romantic involvements between women…

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[Translator: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg/ka-os Proofreader: IO]

Special thanks this go-round to ka-os, who handled the color spread for me, which was actually his first work at Suimasen. I’m going to try and catch us up a little with the serialization, which is now at Ch. 22 I think, and seems on course to fill out at least a fifth tankoubon. Given the Fate/Zero animation that is just out this season, it doesn’t seem impossible that the alternate franchise here may get a look as well, although it would probably make more sense to do ataraxia first…

5 Comments to “Sometimes A Kiss Is Just A Kiss (FK 2wei 17)”

  1. …you put me in a difficult spot there.

    If I were to choose between Ataraxia and this… I think I’d probably go with Ataraxia. I don’t know what the VN is like, but I’ve been dying to find out what all the references are from since forever, and the fact that bets on translation are due 2015-2017, I’ll take anything.

    Besides, comedy is a delicate matter… I haven’t watched a thoroughly satisfying comedy adaptation from anyone other than Sunrise and KyoAni. I think it’s best to let some series stay where they are.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Kuro require periodic prana supply or else she’d disappear, sorta like Servants really.

    In fact, she is using the servant’s method of re-supplying to do this (the whispering ‘other method’ most likely refers to the JAM IT IN with Saber in F/SN)

  3. An occasional super hot fanservice chapter is fine too.

  4. Fate/Zero already has a manga even before animation

  5. You guys should do the Drama CD for volume 4 as well. 🙂
    I am halfway through the CD right now and the story is pretty funny. Finally get to hear the cast fully voiced.
    Though… Miyu was not done that well… her voice was too soft… could barely hear her.

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