Get yo cat out, homies. (Tonnura 7)

by royalgreentea

‘Cause it’s teh SHEEET, so get yo cat



7 Comments to “Get yo cat out, homies. (Tonnura 7)”

  1. Thanx, but where exactly is the dl link.

  2. hello dear suimasen staff; first, thanks for your hard work. second, this is kind of unrelated to this post, but i recently purchased the limited edition of the 4th volume of the prisma illya 2wei manga; and other than a limited edition cover and an illya nendoroid petit, it also included an Original Drama CD. i just wanted to say, in case you want to sub said Drama CD, i would be glad to make a torrent or upload it on mediafire for you so you can, well, sub it if you want^^

  3. so, decided todo it already? or..?

  4. Well…it’s actually pretty simple Japanese, but to be perfectly honest with you I’m kinda busy and it’s still a substantial amount of transcription work. I’ll put it in the queue, and we’ll see if I can work on it as I have time.

    To your other points, yeah, I think an OAD is a good call with a future tankoubon. Kaleid’s biggest problem is that there isn’t actually a VN for Type-MOON to pimp…it might be more likely that we see an actual game and then maybe an animation…

    • a, well thats good to hear; at least to know its in queue is good enough for now^^

      yeah, well a VN of it woldnt be half bad, i would definately buy it, if not for anythin then at least for having the whole thing voiced (and ilya ero xD)
      well if they pput an animation, i d still doubt they’d make a TV anime since you kidna need to know stuff that happens in heavens feel and hollow ataraxia for it.. (with rin’s kaleido ruby and who schweinorg is an d stuff. though i guess its nto too important for the actual plot..) well anyways, if there ever will be a special edition with an OAD, ill order it too and upload it for you guys too then.

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