Typesetters Wanted!

by suimasenscans

>mfw looking at the backlog

Here’s a glimpse at our current backlog (scripts with nobody to typeset them):

  • Azazel-san 4-5
  • Joshiraku 14
  • Katteni Kaizo 47-54; 66-67
  • Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 189; 211; 213; 215; 228-230;
  • Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (to be retypeset on tankobon raws) 222-227; 231-250; 262-270

Raw cleaners would also be immensely helpful at the very least. (sly needs quality cleaners to help with Fate/Kaleid) Backlog needs to be cleared out so we can focus on staying on top of currently running series, as well as to pick up any series that may possibly catch our overambitious eyes. Dibs on the Penguindrum manga, if one ever starts.


(P.S.: Listen you lowlifes who will never amount to anything! Obtain Penguindrum doujinshi involving Ringo! Let’s initiate the survival strategy.)

12 Comments to “Typesetters Wanted!”

  1. it’d be a pleasure for me to helpy ou, though i didnt do anythign like this yet and i’m unsure as to what a typesetter actually does… but if you tell me and i think i canpull it off, ill be glad to be of assistance. it might be hard for me to be available on another day then friday, saturday or sunday for now though.

  2. ..er could you link me to it? te searchfunction isnt really functioning…

  3. Depending on how difficult Azazel-San is I’ll clean and typeset.

  4. Hey,

    i’ve been typesetting for quite a while -i use Adobe CS5 Master Suit- and would love to help you out if you still need it. I can start today if you need my help and can send me the files.

    Also, do you want the files re-done in .TIFF or. JPG.

  5. I would like to offer my services for typesetting and cleaning

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