Status Update

by suimasenscans

Well, as we enter November, we’re within sight of finishing our original goal of finishing up with SZS. Only a few gaps between chapters 191-205, 215-221, and 254-261 still need translating. I’ve started the steps of transferring old magazine raws over to higher-quality tankobon raws, and depending on how much free time I have in the next couple of months, that particular task should be complete by Christmas or early January. After 3 years and being I don’t know how many chapters behind serialization, the present situation feels like a weight being taken off our shoulders. I think finishing up with our work on SZS will dovetail nicely with the end of the manga, which is probably on pace to end in May.

Soon, I hope we’ll be able to turn our focus on some other series that deserve attention, such as Katteni Kaizo, which has sat on the backburner for a few months now. It’s a shame, because that one is just now finding a wider audience with the OVA releases. Hopefully I’ll have a nice little bundle of KK chapters to release by Thanksgiving or Christmas.

As always, we need some help fixing our chronic staff problem. Cleaners and typesetters are still highly in demand, especially cleaners for Fate/Kaleid. I know we’re 5 chapters behind at this point, but that’s because it’s just Sly working on pretty much every aspect of that manga by himself. Help would definitely be appreciated.

Finally, Umin wants to pick up a new manga about a guy who goes to live with a foreign doctor and his two daughters in the country. We’re highly understaffed, so perhaps a joint project  would be for the best. Let us know if you’re interested.


(Unlimited Begging Works)

(PS: Umin found a Ringo doujin!)

14 Comments to “Status Update”

  1. A small correction about what I want to pick up:

    The series’ title is Hayachine! and it’s a story about three siblings (2 girls and 1 boy) who move to live with their uncle one year after their parents have died. The uncle lives on the countryside in Iwate-ken (Tohoku) and when they come there and are greeted by a foreign girl, they find out he doesn’t live alone but with a foreign professor and his family, consisting of a son and the optimistic loli daughter that also speaks local dialect and knows everything about the regional history and culture etc. You can take a look at it here

    There’s also another series in GanGan Online I’d be interested in picking up, which is called Shindere Shoujo to Kodoku na Shinigami (see here It’s about a girl who lives on a small island that she totally wants to leave after graduating from middle school. However, one day, a new student comes to her class and claims that everybody who gets friends with him will die. They both become class presidents and start to get friendly with each other – and then she really dies, but meets the locally worshipped god, who offers to bring her back to life – but she won’t be allowed to ever leave her island again…

    So if anybody’s interested in doing a joint for one of these two series or both (or has maybe thought about doing them anyway), feel free to approach us!

  2. What about SZS chapters 35-80 and 90-120? These chapters (except 103 and 105 ) can’t be found anywhere.

    • You can find these chapters in the books published by Del Rey/Kodansha USA. They have been officially released, so we won’t translate those. I also don’t really like the fact that 103 and 105 are still up… I guess we should take them down.

      • Fells sad knowing that these chapters were translated, but I can’t find them on the Internet nor can I buy them in my country.
        Being a non-American is suffering.

        • true, true. im a german and i cant get them unless i import them either, and who knows how expensive that will end up, considerign the fact i already have a shitload of imports pre-ordered.
          if you really dotn want he americans to read them, cant you just do soemthing like.. dunno, makign the regardign downloadpages unavailable to people with an ameifcan IP-adress?

  3. hm i said before that id wanted to apply as a typesetter/cleaner for kaleid liner, but i didnt have time to do the hwole IRC thing yet…
    as for zetsubou sensie is ending, me is sad… but i wonder if that means another anime season of it might come up.

    • It’s nice that you want to apply, but it’s really necessary that you come to our IRC channel… what’s the problem with IRC anyway, it takes less than 5 minutes to hool that all up, and you can just drop by the channel.

      As for Zetsubou Sensei ending: of course we can’t be a 100% sure that it’s ending, but Kumeta has a lot of ending flags put up really high, such as having the students go up a grade in the middle of the school year. I’ve read all of Katte ni Kaizou and know how he gets/acts authorwise towards the end of a series and he’s definitely in that mood again.
      We also have chapter 268, which obviously caused a small scandal, excluded from the tankobon because of too many similarities to Doraemon and was – if I remember correctly – published before he had the students go up one grade. The comment regarding the chapter 268 issue in the “Paper Blog” of volume 27 is pretty much on the depressive/cynical side and it leads me to thinking that maybe this time it’s Kumeta who decided to let his series end because he can’t come up with good new jokes anymore (at least in his eyes). We will have to wait until march though, I guess, to see if he really is ending the series. After then almost 7 years, it’s a good time to end it I guess. If you take Katte ni Kaizou into account as wel, he’s been drawing quite the same stuff for 13 years now, so maybe it’s time to do something new.

      I absolutely don’t see an anime season coming up though, because the series just doesn’t sell enough for that. SHAFT might lose more money from the BluRay-box they can possible earn with it and the Kaizou OVA is not really high in rankings either (the newest one doesn’t even appear in the publich part of the Oricon charts). I guess, they really did this kind of stuff because they WANTED to, but unless they earn insane ratings with Nisemonogatari and the Kizumonogatari movie or a DVD/BluRay version of the Negima?!-movie, it will probably not be possible for tham to do something like setting a series on TV that nobody will watch/buy on Disc. If anything, we might get one more OAD or drama CD. Maybe with the last volume?

      • well, i honestly dotn know why i dint get it workign either; i’ll try again on the weekend. what program to use IRC do you recommend? should be freeware

        ah, now im beeign a little depressed.. ah what am i saying.. IM IN DESPAIR! kiddign. but well, it is kidna sad. will kumeta leave us in despair. i should stop it with the bad jokes already.

        well, but SHAFT beeing who they are, i can honetsly see them doing it just for the fandom once they filled their budget for good with kizumonogatari and nisemonogatari, which is, considerign the popularity of thiose, not too unlikely i guess. at least I will throw my money at them for that; not to forget the insane hit that madoka magica was, gotta have filled their pockets quite a bit from that one already.

      • Wasn’t there supposed to be an OVA or something that got sent out to people who bought all three box sets? Did that fall through or something?

      • Wasn’t there supposed to be a special OVA or something sent out to people who bought all three box sets? Did that fall through or something?

  4. Good to know you guys are still working. How’s the Katte ni Kaizou OVA going? I’d really like to see the last 2 episodes!

    • Fansubbers still preparing and do their best…finally have 720p encodes with mixdown audio that actually syncs :/ However, there are of course the moving text lists…SSHHHHAAAAAAFFFTTTT…know any aegisub typesetters, send ’em over…

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