Blog Upkeep

by suimasenscans

Just updated the release pages. I suppose a couple new ones will be needed for Cheer Cheer and Hokkenshitsu, but otherwise everything else has been updated. Suimasen for the advanced state of decay for most of those pages, especially Fate/Kaleid 2wei. I know we’ve had requests to make a batch for the original Fate/Kaleid as the bot they were hosted on is no longer active, and we’ll try to get around to those ASAP.

On the subject of batches, I’ve upped a couple more SZS batches for volumes 17 and 18.

>> Volume 17 <<

>> Volume 18 <<

Volume 19 batch will be up soon after I finish chapter 190. As for all the magazine raw chapters, I’m not going to bother with them until they’re moved over to tank raws.


Update: I’ve posted batches for F/K Illya on the project page, note that Suimasen picked up the series at Chapter 12, previous chapters credit to Ala Atra, Twilight Dreams, and I think a couple of renegade chapters in there as well. I’ll batch 2wei at some point, but I kind of want to update some of our earlier chapters for erroneous Nasuology –sly

2 Comments to “Blog Upkeep”

  1. Do you still plan to sub Katteni Kaizo OVA Series Volume 3?

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