You Can if You Try! (Hokkenshitsu 3)

by suimasenscans


Well, here’s the third monthly installment of Yasu’s Hokkenshitsu. This month, we’re introduced to a class president, and she has enough manic-depressive energy to rival even Nozomu Itoshiki. When she finds out her hero is a common criminal, can anyone stop her from making herself taller?

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[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: Oyashiro; Proofreader: Ariel]

As you may have noticed, we have a new poll in the sidebar. Please answer it, as it’ll help us gauge where our readership lies these days, and will probably give us a better idea how many people read what series than the download counter for the files does. Also on that note, I noticed mediafire had a layout update that may not be compatible with older browsers, so let us know if that’s a problem, and we’ll try to find alternatives if it’s affecting a huge number of people.

As always, there’s more stuff ready to enter the tubes, and there will probably be an update in about 12 hours for some more SZS. Some progress is being made on RootP and Azazel-san, KK ep. 5 is in timing/typesetting, KK ep. 6 is translated, and there’s some other stuff that’s going on that I don’t remember because I’m sick and have been alternatively sleeping for 12-15 hours on end followed by 24 hour blocks of wakefulness. Incidentally, there are indications that when removed from the influence of day/night cycles, the human body will assume a default wake/sleep cycle of 36 hours instead of the normal 24. Perhaps this will explain my ailment, and why hikikomori are on the internet at such odd hours.


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