A Substitute? Smells Fishy! (SZS 215, 279)

by suimasenscans

At this rate, I'd place even odds on Kumeta's next manga being shoujo.

As it turns out, even scapegoats need a scapegoats sometime. In Japan, these are known as hina dolls, and they symbolically carry the burden of many a young Japanese maiden. But given the tendency for the hina dolls to be passed down from generation to generation, even those will need a substitute someday, lest they become artifacts of multi-generational despair. Sensei can barely carry his own burdens, but when faced with shouldering the misfortune of young maidens from all over Japan, is it possibly for him to put aside his own self-pity for the good of modern Japan?

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[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: Oyashiro; Proofreader: ariel]

>> TL notes <<

Sensei faces yet another challenge from the girls of Class 3F. Given that fishing is “a man’s sport”, why is Sensei the only one among the group he’s fishing with (the usual girls) the only one not able to catch a fish? Perhaps it’s due to his fear of worms. As the conversation drifts to heresy (a Japanese fishing term meaning “unwanted catch”), Sensei can’t help but noticing Chiri getting wound up by the conversation. Sensei gets put on the ropes as the conversation drifts on, as they are wont to do.

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[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: Oyashiro; Proofreader: ariel]

>> TL Notes <<


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One Comment to “A Substitute? Smells Fishy! (SZS 215, 279)”

  1. I really enjoy your strips. Thank you for all your hard work.

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