Big Sister, Little Sister (SZS 190v2)

by suimasenscans

Lurking unseen are the skyscrapers of trash behind her.

Well, as promised last night, here’s chapter 190. It was a nightmare typesetting page 3. I kind of just gave up halfway, I think. Please be kind and ignore any mistakes!

Refresher: Chiri has a sister. This is that sister’s intro chapter. Tane Kitsu is a person so dirty that she has debris literally orbiting her. That’s not a bad use of ‘literally’: Chiri’s sister has space debris in orbit around her. Can Chiri cure Tane of bad habits before her OCD sparks a rampage?

>> Get SZS 190v2 here <<

[Translators: Meki, Umin, Slyborg; Typesetter: Oyashiro]

>> TL Notes <<

I’ll be working on SZS 280 a little bit tonight, hopefully it’ll be ready by tomorrow evening or something. SZS 281 will probably follow on Thursday night.


(Volume 19 batch coming this weekend.)

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