All hail the mighty pile of pr0n (Getenrou ch1)

by Umin

After a desperate cry coming from /a/nonscanlations, we decided to pick up “Getenrou” by Masakazu Ishiguro.
This short series of 9 chapters was published in Kodansha’s literary magazine Mephisto (the one where for example NisiOisin publishes his novels before they’re made into whole books) and it’s some pretty god-tier mystery puzzle if you ask me (and it made me cry).

Since I don’t want to spoil the mood, I’ll just give you a translation of the description on the book cover:

Strange people are surrounding a bulding called Getenrou. There’s boys looking for erotica, a space officer, robots, and a murder happens…?
Officer Sakuraba Saeko is following siblings who are holding the key to solve the mystery, and starts her own investigations.
What her “slobby” logic clears up, is an astonishing truth hidden in Getenrou….!?
Oddly twisted, joyful and sad – a strange mystery drawn by Ishiguro Masakazu!!

And the additional info: Our first chapter features three boys looking for pr0n and solving a mystery concerning said pr0n. Enjoy.

Get the chapter

5 Comments to “All hail the mighty pile of pr0n (Getenrou ch1)”

  1. that was kind of… bland

    but thanks anyway for the free stuff, I appreciate you guys’ work.

    • It gets a little better, and by better I mean a little weirder. Ch2. has some sort of fantasy setting or something.

    • The thing with this series is that it’s a kind of “puzzle”.
      I.e. you will get the meaning of this first chapter when you’ve read the rest. So hang on. I guess, readers of Mephisto were like “huuuh?” as well when they read the first chapter.

  2. Keep up with goo work!

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